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Hygiene Plus Total Toilet Cleaner

Invertable Spray Bottle for toilet cleaning


Bayly partnered with International Consolidated Business to develop an ergonomic spray bottle that allows users to spray a uniqely formulated toilet-cleaning agent in all areas of the toilet.


The bottle, using a inverted spray-trigger mechanism, can be operated upright and upside-down, enabling users to spray under the toilet rim. This challenging requirement drove the unique shape and configuration of the bottle's design.


Winner of the 2006 Australian Packaging Awards "Packaging for the People" Silver Award. Click here for more information about this award.

The product has also been featured extensively on commercial television promotions.



Said the judges of the 2006 Australian Packaging Awards

"This novel ‘inverted trigger’ design is a great improvement in functionality, effectively alleviating aching wrists from cleaning awkward toilet bowls. Easy to use upside-down and far more comfortable to hold than competitor brands, this winning solution is also a packaging breakthrough.

The ‘proud’ styling of this new bent-neck bottle silhouette echoes the boldness of the concept, and almost animates the product to great advantage at point of sale. This product actually looks ready for action.

An all-over shrink wrapper gives a unified surface for graphics and colour, and the effect is bright, clean and dynamic, with tonal gradations accentuating the bottle’s form, and mouldings adding detail and interest to the shape."