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Design Engineering

Bayly works with electronic designers, software engineers and other specialists as required to achieve the proper outcomes for our clients.  Our areas of expertise can be broken down into Mechanical, Marine, Materials, Vehicle and Human Factors, these areas are discussed in detail below.


Bayly’s mechanical engineering team are specialists in the design of products, systems and components that are produced in quantities of one off batches through to mass produced consumer and industrial products.  All things relating to the mass, strength, deflection, temperature, reliability and life of a component are the focus for our engineers.

Our state-of-the-art Engineering Design studio is equipped with the systems and tools:Design Engineering

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Pro-Engineer (including advanced surfacing)
  • Unigraphics
  • Solidworks
  • Photorealistic Visualisations
  • Maya Rendering and Animations
  • Haptic modeling systems
  • Sensable Freeform Modeler

Bayly consider the thermal performance of the systems it designs.  Using our Ansys FEA tools and empirical calculations and models, we are able to assess and optimize the design of the parts to meet the requirements.  The same Ansys FEA tools are used to assess and refine the strength, mass, stiffness and vibration performance of components to meet peak performance requirements.

Engineering of the products and systems that require the management of air flows and other fluids is accomplished using empirical and CFD techniques.  Bayly’s team has experienced CFD analysts to help find solutions to these problems.  How the dynamic elements of mechanisms and other systems work and interface is also a significant component of the solutions we provide.  Bayly use VisualNastran to help optimise the design of these systems and to determine load environments for the various components in the system.


Bayly and its staff have experience relating to military and commercial aerospace projects, including stores clearance, aerospace standards for materials and the design of payloads for flights.  The design and engineering of equipment and seating in cabins is another capability of the Bayly team.  Bayly brings specific human factors and ergonomics experience to these tasks that has been earned on stadium, theatre, bus, aircraft, vehicle and train seating programs.


Bayly maintains expertise in marine engineering and naval architecture in its engineering team.  Our capabilities in this area bring a unique all over perspective to the design of equipment for the marine environment from specific materials and corrosion protection processes, to the design of onboard equipment for the unique marine shock and vibration environment.  Bayly’s capability extends to the design of steel, aluminium and composite structures to the relevant marine, shipping and building codes as integral to the project.  A specialization maintained by Bayly is in the design of underwater systems, in the sense of hull mounted, towed and stand alone systems.


Bayly’s exposure to materials and manufacturing processes used in high and low volume goods provides a unique view of materials and their use. Bayly brings “out of the square” solutions in this area, adapting the high strength, low weight, non-corrosive, high volume, thermoplastic, thermoset, coated finishes, platings, elastomeric, dampening and cost effective material properties that are used across different industries into new applications.

Bayly specializes in the application of materials in plastic injection moulding processes and is able to simulate the filling process and provide part quality analysis using its Moldflow software tool. 


Bayly’s vehicle engineering capabilities cross automobile, bus, truck, train and military vehicle domains with a special focus on solving human factor and ergonomic problems such as driver and control surface design and controls placement.

Noise and vibration behaviour are common problems in vehicles and Bayly has the expertise to assist in solving problems within the narrow band of constraints for these situations.

Human Factors

The good design of the interface between products and systems and their human users and owners is critical to successful outcomes.  At Bayly, human factors and ergonomics is applied everyday in our design engineering activities.  Big people, small people, man, woman, child, aged people and disabled people all have different requirements for an optimal interface.  Add in the different cultural aspects that drive human behaviour and the scope of  things to consider is essentially endless.

Bayly uses it’s access to human factor data, it’s strength in observation and our prototyping focus to provide exceptional outcomes for our clients.  Our network includes leading ergonomists and user research agencies whom we work with to ensure that the best results are achieved

  At a glance, Bayly's design engineering capabilities are available for you to apply on a wide range of endeavours;
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Materials
  • Vehicles
  • Human Factors Engineering

Bayly's engineering team use state of the art CAD and CAE tools to reduce the lead time, risk and re-work on your projects;