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The management capability at Bayly is supported by a number of tools and procedures that are used to manage activities internally between team Bayly members, between suppliers, between partners and stakeholders and between Bayly and our client.

Our management activities are varied and include elements of project management, business management, client service, supplier management, human resources management and financial management.

Our management role is more than just a counting numbers role.  It involves understanding and managing the expectations and agreements of all those parties involved in the project.

Project Management

Project management involves internally focused and externally focused activities and they encompass the key communication (and reporting) processes, financial arrangements and all the agreements between our client and others involved in the project.

Risk management is a significant process in the project management scope and works closely with the management of the engineering risks identified in the project.  Risks and mitigation strategies need to be openly communicated between the project participants in order to optimise the outcomes from the project.

A large part of the project management role is the finding, motivating and allocating resources internally and externally in support of the project activities.

Other aspects of the role include;

  • planning activities
  • managing budgets
  • reporting progress, costs and costs to complete
  • meeting timeframes

Design and Engineering Management

The management of the design and engineering activities is second nature to the Bayly team.  In many cases, Bayly's project role includes the management of the design and engineering activities between collaborating partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.  The management of the technical risks is part of the work we do in this area.  Maintaining, employing and enforcing engineering and design procedures is also required.

The creative aspects of the design process makes it difficult to manage.  The design process requires divergent and convergent thinking.  In the divergent mode, lateral thinking is applied to generate a wide range of options and new ideas.  In the convergent mode, critical assessment is used to sort the ideas and rank and select the optimum solution.  The key management aspect of the design process is ensuring that the team is in sync with the modes, ie that we don't have some diverging and others converging.  These sync problems cause significant disruption and can generate enormous amounts of frustration within the team.

Decision making and trade-off process also need to be managed properly in the design process to ensure that progress is made.  Failure to manage these aspects will result in overspends and slipped timeframes.

Job Management

Our internal management of your project is undertaken in accordance with our job management system.  Each specific project is given a unique job number.  All digital data files are stored under the job number.

Our job financial and resource information is structured and controlled for each job using our once:fabrik system.  A job is broken down into any number of discreet stages that align with the project plan.  We manage our time bookings against the established budgets in the plan and system.  Reports of expenditure and work activities are available at any time.

Tooling & Equipment Commissioning Management

Bayly's expertise is employed in managing the commissioning of tooling and special purpose equipment when required in support ofour product design and technology development activities.  Typical activities include;

  • review of tooling design
  • review of equipment design
  • monitoring of progress
  • managing trials
  • managing modifications and commissioning processes
  • establishing quality processes

Production Management

Bayly have a track record in the managment of production and supply chains for a number of clients.  Typically our assistance is of greatest value in the establishment of the chain and in the management of the learning curve that all new manufacture and supply chains go through for a new product or system.  Some clients have found that a single authoritative point of contact for the supply process is a convenience in establishing new production lines without diluting their organisations focus on their day to day activities.

  At a glance, Bayly's management capabilities include;
  • Project Management
  • Design & Engineering Management
  • Job Management
  • Tooling & Equipment Commissioning Management
  • Production Management

Members of Bayly's team maintain participates with management organisations adding to bodies of knowledge in Australia and around the world.