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Speed is everything when it comes to new product development.  So how important is it to you?

We have found that we need to work with you in the first instance to make sure that the time to market imperative does not compromise the quality of the product or service being delivered to your customer.  This is a fine judgment that we need to make together and to revisit as required to meet your strategic objectives.

Applying flexible product development processes can allow for changes to the product design late in the project to be accomplished with minimum fuss.  This flexibility can be incorporated in to the design process as a planned possibility.

Our project programs are specifically tailored to your needs.  We reduce time to market by removing unnecessary steps in the process and always undertake steps and tasks in parallel where possible.

We apply collaboration tools to automate communications and reduce decision making time in order to cut time wasted to reduce the time to market as much as possible.


We love a challenge.  Talk to us about what you are trying to achieve and together we can discover what is possible.












iLid is a great example of getting a product to market... fast.  iLid was developed by Darren Ingliss and Simon Dunn-Vaughan in conjunction with Bayly.  It's development was kickstarted with the assistance of crowd funding in December 2011 and the finished product began shipping in June 2012.  Which we think is pretty impressive considering 3 months of this was taken up with preparing the tool for moulding.