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Bayly specialises in the use of FEA in the product design process.

FEA analysis projects that we undertake for our clients are tailored specifically to meet your needs.   In product design, FEA is used to
  • Produce optimised designs of parts and assemblies
  • Reduce the amount of material used in your product
  • Reduce the cost of your components and products
  • Shorten your design process and reduce re-design activities
  • Improve the reliability of your products

Bayly employs practitioners in the art of FEA rather than theoreticians in order to provide the benefit of effective good value FEA to your projects.

Bayly uses ANSYS FEA software for the analysis of the thermal, dynamic, structural and fatigue performance of the parts being designed.  Specialty analysis tools are sometimes required to obtain an in-depth understanding of the behaviour of the design.  Bayly ensures that the right tools are used in the analysis of your product designs.

More Information about FEA

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) applies environmental loads such as temperature, pressures, movements and loads on a time based scale and calculates deflections, stresses and strains within the part.

This allows you to test your design and to make design improvements without needing to have prototype parts made and tested and in a much shorter time.

Areas of high stress can be identified and strengthened, while areas of low stress can have excess material removed, resulting in a lighter, stronger design.  This is an iterative process that can be automated using the FEA software and suitable 3D CAD packages when required.

FEA can be used to calculate modal frequencies of vibration to help solve your noise and vibration problems. It can also be used to apply dynamic loads and determine their effects.

Bayly's Design Engineering Capabilities

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the Principal FEA Analyst at Bayly Group. Mark has applied FEA in product design projects since his introduction to FEA theoretical and computational methods in the design of ship structures in 1985.

Project examples

Minimising material in a comodity product - Lily Bowls

Truck mounted hydraulic tank designed for vibration severe conditions

How FEA is used to simulate structural mechanics to minimised real life testing.