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Award Winning Product Design - since 1971

 New Product Design or Existing Product Redesign, Bayly has the proven expertise


Who are we?

Bayly is a family owned Product Design company established in 1971.  We are a team of experienced Designers and Engineers ready to bring your idea to life.


What do we do?

Our team research, design, develop, prototype and produce consumer and industrial products.  We have designed just about everything from angle grinders to trains.


How do we do it?

Director Mark Bayly personally works on every project ensuring design quality and integrity.   Mark is commited to making every design a success.



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National and International recognition for design excellence




  Bayly’s design expertise has assisted Acrux Ltd transform itself over 10 years, from the laboratory to a publicly listed company with a market capitalisation of $365 Million.  

“Bayly's hard work, timeliness and depth of technical expertise has been invaluable to our company… I had previously seen Bayly's work at Glaxo in the early 90’s and I was keen to seek them out for the work at Acrux”.
says Dr. Tim Morgan, Founding Director of Acrux Ltd




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