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Commercialisation of CSIRO technology creates a World first product.  From Bachus Marsh to the world.

Previously when manufacturers required detailed knowledge of the viscoelastic properties of fluids, like your toothpaste during it's manufacture, they were relaint on removing test samples from the process stream and testing them using an offline laboratory rheometer.  This time and skill intensive procedure prevented any real time process control and resulted in significant wastage and costs.  The OLR (Online Rheometer) is a sophisticated instrument to provide real time measurements of the fluid.

Rheology Product DevelopmentThe CSIRO technology in the OLR uses a patented multi-frequency squeezing flow technique that allows very short time measurements to be used in feedback to control the processing systems.  The result is higher quality, faster processing times, low wastage and lower processing costs.

Rheology Solutuions Australia was selected to partner with CSIRO from an international field of potential licensees.  The OLR has been developed by Rheology Solutions to be taken to the world market. A world class manufacturing facility is being established in Bacchus Marsh, eventually to employ 20 highly skilled technical and engineering staff and add to the region’s skill base. This is a significant development for the region with the establishment of a purpose built manufacturing facility.

The OLR has been designed to fit into existing process lines with minimum impact and modification.

Rheology Product DesignBayly's design expertise has been used to produce the high precision stainless steel components assembled into the OLR.  The design of the OLR housing and integration of the electronics had to consider the high processing temperatures and pressures under which the OLR needs to operate.  With significant potential for use in the food and medical industries, the OLR had to conform to GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) requirements as regulated by various bodies such as the TGA and the FDA.  The OLR has been designed for different cleaning and sterilization procedures and incoporates design methodologies to aid in cleaning and reduce the likelihood of cross contamination.

Our experience in designing to meet cost objectives was also vital and the product production costs were managed and reported through Bayly's PLM system

Instrument design capabilities, surface finish selection, precision manufacturing processes and an in depth understanding of the cost of manufacturing processes are all part of what Bayly can offer to your projects.

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To find out more about the OLR, check out the product specific website at www.onlinerheometer.com