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Plastic materials manufactured from renewable resources have been under active development for decades.  The latest information from Natureworks indicates that price is no longer a barrier.

Natureworks manufactures different grades of PLA (polylactide) plastics from sugars extracted from plant crops.  The Ingeno branded materials are aimed primarily at replacing the commonly used packaging plastics including PET, PVC, PS, PP and others.

A major driver of the price of the PLA materials has been the restricted availability of the material due to limited production capacities.  This data suggests that in recent years the supply and demand for the Ingeno materials are well balanced, and the prices less volatile than the petroleum derived plastics in the market.

Download a pdf that explains the key information on the PLA manufacturing process HERE, or explore all the information on the Natureworks website HERE.

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The Wellness Bio is a 100% environmentally friendly biodegradable bottle made from corn or sugar beet (PLA)