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Far North Queensland is the centre of Australia's cane harvesting technology.  Tully Welding Works rely on Bayly to support the development of their new cane carting bins 

Like primary industries all over the World, cane growing and harvesting cycles through booms and busts; farmers being at the mercy of local growing conditions, cyclones and market forces.  The Australian industry competes with lower cost bases in South America by investing in labour saving equipment and efficient farming practices.  So when times are good there are orders for new equipment.

Tully Welding Works engaged us to undertake critical structural and stability analysis of the main components and critical strength components of their new cane carting trailers.

The cane carters are loaded directly by cane harvesters in the field and use a hydraulically powered system to raise and side tip the bin into the cane rail bins. Each cane bin holds up to 13 tonne of chopped cane.

The trailer incorporates walking arms mounted from a single axis on the chassis. Hydraulically actuated support arms provide stability when tipping.  The bin lifting mechanism is a highly loaded structure which is constructed from high tensile steel.


FEA Engineering Analysis 

 FEA showing critical stress distribution - worst tipping case













Mechanical Design