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Market success is often determined by a product's perceived 'coolness', but what is it that defines cool?

But what defines cool?  As we all know something that is cool today won't be classified as cool at some time in the future.  So what defines the boundaries of cool and how do you design something that will hit the market?  Firstly we need to look at social behaviour and identify what drives consumer perception.

Social Perception in Product Design

As Industrial designers based in Melbourne we have identified two main qualities that influence an item's level of cool.  The first is social perception.  If it is seen to be cool and desirable by the people looking to use the product then adoption and uptake will be easy.  The second is quirkiness or unconventionality, but not in it's entirety.  This is where the formula for cool gets a little blurry.  A product needs to be suitably unconventional to engage interest, enough to question what's normal but not too extreme that it questions reality.

Understanding the parameters of the demographic in your specific market is then key to understanding what it is that defines cool for you.  By identifying what it is they consider normal and understanding the limits of what they consider unconventional you have created defined parameters from which to create your new 'cool' offering.  If you need help in understanding the 'sweet' spot in your market or would just like a great or 'cool' design for your new product, contact Mark Bayly or Lee Baker on +61 3 9413 9000, your professional Industrial Design Service in Melbourne here to help you succeed.














Apple iPhone 6 - Cool for the uncool?

Apple has long been at the top of its game and at the front of peoples minds when it comes to consumer electronics but how does a company remain at the top without appearing to be trying too hard?

Apple redefined it's brand and the music industry with the introduction of the iPod in 2001.  In 2007 it launched the iPhone, the worlds first touchsceen smartphone and quickly exerted itself as market leader in all things mobile.

But since then Apple has struggled to launch anything with this kind of global impact and with Samsung now dominating the mobile phone market and other competitors chomping at the heals they need to do something special.

But without redefining unconventional, Apple has had to try and assert it's brand of cool another way.  The question is whether the engagement of Australian Industrial Design specialist Marc Newson, the use of internationally renowned band U2 or leaks of a product that doesn't yet exist are enough alone to maintain their high profile.

Apple Vs Samsung - Good Product Design