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Product Design to meet a family's need

The CuddleFish 3 in 1 Power cot is one of our product design projects in Melbourne that has grown from a family's personal need and requirements. When Paul Carta and his wife, Richelle, were expecting their first child they excitedly began planning the new baby's room. It wasn't as easy as it sounds. Richelle is dependent on a wheelchair ever since a diving accident when she was younger and any cots on the market couldn't be used easily without assistance or they were accessible cots that were either sterile medical equipment or looked like cages. There are enough things to worry about when a new member of the family comes along so Paul started custom designing his own cot. Using his past engineering experience, and working in cooperation with Bayly, the resulting cot design is one that Richelle can use independently whilst in her wheelchair and that has the aesthetic appearance of traditional baby cots.

The CuddleFish 3 in 1 Power cot, how is it different?Powercot Industrial Design

The new cot design is motorised to allow the sleeping space to move up and down by remote control. This means that the cot can be raised to the perfect height for the parent or carer to pick up or put down the infant. It also provides a play area at a height that is more comfortable for the parent to interact with their child, play games or read them a bedtime story.

Not only is this cot designed for parents in wheelchairs, it also makes life easier for people with temporary or chronic back pain, after pregnancy mobility problems or any other physical mobility problems.

Product design and child safety

There are many considerations to take into account when designing products for babies and children, especially safety. Early on Paul decided to make the powercot available to all parents and so the product had to meet the industry safety standard for cots.

The product is designed to meet as many aspects of the AS/NZS 2172, or standard for "Cots for household use", as possible. The problem with having a cot that is so different to regular fixed height cots is that it doesn't quite fit the mould. It cannot be tested exactly to the standard as many clauses don't apply.
Bayly has worked closely with the testing facility to ensure that the cot is one of the safest on the market.

This project shows that it is possible to use standards to design and improve your product, even when you have a new product design that is completely different to current products on the market.

Paul is currently looking for a manufacturer to take over the production of the Cuddlefish 3 in 1 Power cot. You can contact Paul about having your own power cot on his website: www.3in1powercot.com

Bayly can help you design a product that meet your needs too. Contact us today on 9413 9000 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a meeting at our Melbourne office and design your perfect product.


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