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Design Methods - Product Design Visualisation

Visualisation is the primary tool used to assist in the development and creation of new products in the Product Design industry. Without it, well I actually can’t imagine a world without, for visualising in one of it’s forms, is the creation of images in the mind forming the ability to imagine.

If we couldn’t visualise or imagine, there wouldn’t be any development of the human race; without it there would be nothing new. Our ancestors must have imagined a better way to break wood before the axe came along.

There is more than one form of visualising in the Product Design process. In this article we will explore the two main forms of visualising, mental visualisation or imagination and, product visualisation. We will explore the importance of these when creating something new.

In order to be able to design and create new products we use imagination as the first instance of the creation process to see into the infinite possibility of creation and realise these ideas through sketch and illustration.

Mental Visualisation, commonly referred to as imagination, is the ability to see something in the mind’s eye without the physical object seen or even existing at all. The latter is important in new product development. Imagination is used to help us see that which doesn’t yet exist.

Product Visualisation is more specific to the design industry in Melbourne. It is also used in other industries as illustration and drawing. Product Visualisation is the process of creating a visual representation of the product. To communicate a proposed concept or idea. Realising the idea in the second instance of the creation process, physical imagery.

Product Visualisation can be achieved using different mediums. Each offers a different level of concept development and visual accuracy. Examples are sketching and illustration on paper and tablet, 2D computer illustration and 3D photorealistic rendering. Product Visualisation is the second step in product realisation and a powerful tool capable of clearly communicating a concept before it exists as a tangible item.

Visualisation is an amazing gift we have as human beings. It enables us to create anything the mind can conceive. As an Industrial Designer living in Melbourne it always amazes me when I receive a prototype of my sketch, to think that this was once, not so long ago, just a figment of my imagination and now it’s reality. That’s why I find the creation process so amazing as only time stands in the way of literally ‘making dreams a reality’. Visualisation will be used to shape the future of the world and could be used to help shape yours. If you would like help shaping your future or would just like to talk to someone about the infinite possibilities contact us on (03) 9413 9000.


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