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UniSeg - The Universal Segregation Pallet

Batteries manufactured today use a variety of exotic and usually toxic metals and other materials. Recycling the batteries and removing these materials from waste streams destined for land fill not only reduce the demand for newly mined materials but provide a safer overall environment.

About the Lead-Acid Battery

Millions of tonnes of lead acid batteries are widely used around the world, predominantly in starting systems for all types of vehicles. They are also used as backup power supplies for telecommunications and information networks and are the emergency power backup for every building lift installed around the world.

The recycling processes are pretty well established and a few millions of tonnes of lead is recycled annually.

Lead acid batteries are comprised of approximately 65% lead, 12% sulphuric acid, 10% plastic and the remaining being different metals. A toxic mix indeed.

The UniSeg Solution

In 2012 and with regulatory changes around the World demanding the proper management of the recycling streams for these products, Fenton Goddard of Uniseg Products saw the need for a container that could be used to keep the environment, workers and the general public safe from the recycling process. Download a white paper here on Creating a Safer and More Environmentally Sustainable Lead Acid Battery Recycling Industry for Australia.

The Uniseg pallet has launched in May 2015 as the first compliant solution for the battery recycling process to wide acclaim.

The segregation pallet is a compelling solution that;

• Improves the OH&S environment and reduces risk and liability for businesses
• Provides Government Regulatory Compliance in terms of Safety and Environment
• Enables systems to meet ISO 14000 standards
• Improves logistics efficiencies and reduces waste

Leading up to the launch of the product, new applications for the segregation pallet have emerged and continue to arise as industry familiarises itself with the flexibility, security and performance of the pallet.

Demand from general industrial, medical waste, defence and equipment hire companies is appearing and prospects for the product are outstanding.

Bayly to the rescue

Getting new products to market requires you to get everything just right.

We have been working with the Uniseg Products team and their suppliers to finalise the design, sort out the tooling issues and drive through to production.

Getting involved in the product development at the tail end of a project is never an easy task for those involved but Bayly’s product design experience and Melbourne location has proven invaluable in this type of situation yet again.

If you would like to find out more about the UniSeg pallet system or are interested in developing your own product please contact Lee Baker or Mark Bayly on +61 3 9413 9000 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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To see an animation of the Uniseg Pallet in action click the image below:

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UniSeg Pallet- Product Design Melbourne
        UniSeg Pallet - Top Loading


Interesting Facts

1. The Segregation Pallet is made from 6 panels that are produced in acid resistant, toughened polyethylene using a rotational moulding process.
2. Erecting and collapsing of the pallet can be done by 1 person
3. The pallet has been tested with a 1.2m corner drop test fully loaded at 1200kg and passed with flying colours.
4. The pallet is ready to be connected to an industry first tracking and identification system that is currently under development by Uniseg Products.
5. The pallet is made in Melbourne Australia from partially recycled materials using local material compounders and materials.
6. The locking latches used on the pallet have been specially designed and are manufactured locally.


UniSeg Pallet - Product Design Melbourne
        UniSeg Pallet - Front Loading