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The Next Page in the AirCarbon™ Story

About a year ago, we posted an article about Newlight Technologies’ AirCarbon™ material, a plastic made from recycled air and methane-based carbon emissions.

Newlight Technologies starts by collecting concentrated methane emissions that would otherwise be polluting the air. These emissions are combined with air and a biocatalyst that pulls oxygen out of the air, and carbon and hydrogen out of methane. These elements are then re-assembled to form AirCarbon™, a plastic that is as efficient as traditional oil-based ones, but greener and more cost effective.

The possibilities for this material excited us here in Melbourne, and we’ve decided to look back and see what’s been happening with it over the last year.

AirCarbon™ used in consumer packaging

In late 2014, Dell launched their Latitude notebook range, packaged in AirCarbon™ protective bags. The new AirCarbon™ bags are part of Dell’s plan to have entirely sustainable packaging by the year 2020.
Dell have also adopted bamboo cushions to replace packaging foam, and are experimenting with mushrooms and wheat straw for other alternative materials.

A Multi-award winner

In December, AirCarbon™ became a multi award winner. PC Magazine awarded it a Technical Excellence Award, and Popular Science named it their Innovation of the Year.
Popular Science hailed AirCarbon™ as an alternative that “could completely change the way we think about one of the most ubiquitous materials in the world”.

The future of carbon removal from our air

The biggest news from Newlight Technologies came earlier this month. They announced a contract with marketing and distribution giant Vinmar. The contract guarantees the sale and distribution of one billion pounds of AirCarbon™, with the possibility to expand to nineteen billion over the next twenty years.
Vinmar operates in over 100 countries, and this contract brings the potential for adoption in products around the world to new heights.

The future seems bright for Newlight Technologies and AirCarbon™, and we’re excited to see what new possibilities arise from this material in the future.
If you’re interested in discussing the potential that this might have for your product or design, contact our team in Melbourne on (03) 9413 9000, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Aircarbon chair - Industrial Design Melbourne
Innovation of the Year - Popular Science
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Dell's Aircarbon™ plastic bags

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 AirCarbon™ pallets being produced