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The next step in lighting evolution

Working in product design, we are always looking at how technologies are changing, and it seems like a lot follow the philosophy of “make it smaller”.  Idaho-based company Rohinni has taken this idea to an extreme, creating LEDs the size of a blood cell, allowing light to be printed.  It’s called Lightpaper™ and we here in Melbourne think it's pretty cool.

The Technology

The LEDs are mixed with ink and then printed onto a material that conducts electricity. This process isn’t without it’s problems, though.  Rohinni are still working out how to distribute the LEDs evenly, as current versions of Lightpaper™ are not evenly bright. They assure that future versions of the product will not have this issue.

Size isn’t the only thing that Lightpaper™ cuts down on. All that it requires is an electrical current – no circuit board, no soldering bulbs. It’s cheap, quick, and easy to produce, which will hopefully make it a very accessible option for people with limited resources.

New Applications

With an estimated lifespan of twenty years, Lightpaper™ is looking like a strong player in the future of lighting. Rohinni has backed its versatility – from glowing logos on signage, to lighting wallpaper, even car headlights – and they hope to have the first Lightpaper™ products on shelves by the end of 2015.

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Light wallpaper - Product Design Melbourne
Lightpaper used on feature wall
Lightpaper - Industrial Design Melbourne
A simple demonstration of Lightpaper in action