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AirBolt Product Launch

Our client reached an important milestone by completing the launch of their Luggage Lock product and their Kickstarter campaign on a balmy evening in a small bar in Richmond. It was a rare pleasure to have our Melbourne Industrial Design team in attendance to celebrate and share the excitement.

The AirBolt has successfully funded within a week, and early on it looks like the AirBolt team have a product,  a story and a solution to a problem that is resonating with consumers. What a great way to validate the demand for the product before ramping up the development investment in testing, tooling, production and distribution. Now the hard work starts…

Check out the kickstarter campaign to find out all about the lock - we would really love you to sign on and support the campaign.

Airbolt Specifications - Product Design Melbourne

Not only does The AirBolt redefine the luggage lock but it also offers multiple locking configurations making it the most adaptable lock on the market.

The Nitty Gritty

Our biggest challenges in the design of the AirBolt were;

  • Designing the product so that it maintained a connection to what is representative of luggage locks in the market today
  • Packaging all the different components efficiently within a minimum package size with a focus on simplicity

The things we are most proud of achieving at this stage of the project are;

  • Keeping our client happy by involving them deeply with the design process, the alignment of the product story, brand and physical presence
  • Creating a product that everyone just wants to pick up and hold and not let go
  • Integrating an off the shelf TSA locking mechanism within the device
  • Providing multiple locking combinations and arrangements beyond even the most sophisticated luggage locks in the market today
  • Achieving long operational periods between the need to re-charge

Funding achieved at 405% raising $202,306.00 as of 12/12/15.


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AirBolt Luggage lock - Industrial Design Melbourne
AirBolt Luggage Lock designed by Bayly Group
AirBolt Luggage lock - Industrial Design Melbourne

The AirBolt Team 

  Airbolt Luggage Lock - Product Design Melbourne

AirBolt connects directly to your Smart Device