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Smart Technology for your house

Smart lightbulbs are becoming increasingly common. When building a new house, or replacing your old bulbs, systems that can be controlled by an app are starting to become a normal consideration. More and more companies are jumping into this growing product design market, and new products are having to differentiate themselves.

BeON sets itself apart by learning your habits. It knows when your lights are being switched on and off, and it uses this information to run an automatic mode. This means the lights can continue to operate in a way that matches your normal use while you’re away from home.

The bulbs also have the ability to communicate through a bluetooth network. They use microphones to listen for sound, which can trigger the system. Imagine a home where all the lights are BeON. The smoke alarm triggers in the middle of the night. The bulbs near it hear the sound, communicate to the rest of the lighting, and create a lit path leading you to the exits.

With a Removable Central Brain

All of this is made possible by a removable module which enables the smart features – essentially the ‘brain’ of the device. The brain can be removed, allowing for it to be upgraded or replaced as needed. Brains like this could be applied to other technologies, allowing for smartphone control of the television, or a heating and cooling system that detects changes in temperature and adjusts accordingly.

Many products are designed to have a short life span, but this system would allow you to keep the unit, and only change the modules that need replacing. A modular smartphone, for example, could be upgraded as the user needs it – replacing only the battery, camera, or screen. While the other features sound impressive, this modular system could be the most revolutionary.

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