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We Can, I Can

Throughout our life, all of us will challenged by loved family and friends fighting cancer disease.

World Cancer day, 4th February 2016, encourages everyone to

Show the world that we can, I can… get involved in the fight against cancer.

The latest available data estimates that 14.1 million cancer cases were diagnosed around the world in 2012, of these 7.4 million cases were in men and 6.7 million in women. This number is expected to increase to 24 million by 2035.¹

President Barack Obama in his last state of the union address detailed a “moonshot” goal for the curing of cancer, arranging an additional $2bn of funds over the next 2 years as the start of reaching the goal

Cancer research in Australia is a major consumer of research resources and funds and a number of companies and organisations lead the world in advanced cancer treatments designed to reduce the impact of cancer on our health and well being.

Liver cancer is in the top 10 of cancers worldwide and is treated by surgical intervention, live organ transplant, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

We have been fortunate to work with the World leading Sirtex organisation on various aspects of their treatment system since 2006, mainly in the design and development of their process for the implant of the SIRT therapy into tumour sites in the liver.

The Sirtex treatment has been proven to be effective in extending the life of liver cancer victims and they continue to invest tens of millions of dollars in the research of new and improved treatment regimes based on their patented technology.  In 2015, Sirtex delivered 55,000 treatments to patients around the World.

Sirtex’s leading SIRT is delivered using a manually powered delivery system designed, manufactured and previously supplied by Bayly.

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