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AquaBotanical and working with Product Designers

Product design is an incredibly varied industry. We get to work with many different people from and around Melbourne, creating a diverse range of products.

AquaBotanical is one of these products. We worked closely with Dr Bruce Kambouris to bring his unique creation to the market.

Dr Kambouris conceptualised his botanical water process as a way to reduce waste, and sustainably create new water. The process involves taking the aqueous liquid produced during juice concentration, and filtering and mineralising it into drinkable water.

“Juices are clean, produced by Australian farmers, we already drink them,” says Dr. Kambouris. “We already grow these plants for food. It’s efficient production, it’s sustainable, and all of a sudden, it’s a very significant new source of water.”

Recognition of Innovation

The revolutionary nature of this product didn’t go unnoticed, either. In 2015, AquaBotanical was a finalist in the Global Bottled Water Awards, and the winner of the Food and Science Innovation Award. In addition to these awards, it’s also been praised in the culinary world, with expert tasters describing it as a perfect match for wine and food, due to it’s ability to cleanse the palate.

As product designers, it was our job to make sure that all of these aspects of AquaBotanical were communicated effectively to the market. The concept behind the design was something clean and luxurious. We had a chat with Dr. Bruce about his experience working with us on the design of AquaBotanical.

Designed for Success

“The focus was on making a super premium water, that would go to high end cafés and restaurants, so decisions were made about that,” said Dr Bruce. “As a startup company, you have limited funds, and do as much as you can on your own. You consult with specialists when it’s out of your hands. This is where Bayly Group will come in, designing the bottle.”

Getting involved in the process didn’t mean acting as a designer, though. “I am a lay person,” Dr Bruce said. “This is why I stood back a bit, and asked ‘Do I like this design as a lay person?’

“Design can make or break you,” Dr Bruce said, commenting on the way professional input shaped AquaBotanical in ways that he wouldn’t have considered. “For example, men tell me they like the bottle because it’s a bombay sapphire blue, whereas ladies say they like the slim shape. Without the input of design from Bayly Group, my ideas would not have become reality at all. Design is just so, so important in the commercial world. It’s the first thing people will see. They won’t taste the water until they like the design."


If you’d like to work together with us to bring your idea to reality, contact our design team in Melbourne on (03) 9413 9000, or email Mark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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