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The NutraPress - Packaging Reimagined

Packaging that does more than merely hold a product is the holy grail of packaging design. Product Designers here at Bayly Group in Melbourne worked with NutraPress Australia Pty Ltd to develop a unique, in-cap ingredient delivery system that is going to change the packaging game.

What is it?

The NutraPress system is a thermoformed plastic blister sealed with an aluminium foil backing which sits in a drink bottle cap. The blister is filled with ingredients and you shoot the ingredients into the liquid just before you drink it. The secret of the NutraPress blister is its deceptively simple patented ‘blister spike’ technology. The technology is adapted for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

How does it work?

The simple action of flicking the cap open and pressing on the blister pierces the foil with the spike and ejects the ingredients straight into the drink.

What’s the application?

The idea was originally conceived to protect sensitive ingredients during storage; to ensure that consumers receive 100% of the nutrients they’re paying for, while also increasing the shelf life of the product.

Why is this an issue?

Many ingredients degrade during storage. Probiotics are a perfect example. You might notice that most probiotic drinks will be labeled with phrases like “We put in X amount of probiotic colony forming units.” What they don’t say is “This contains...” or “You receive…”’ because they can’t guarantee how much will remain by the time you consume the drink. Why? Because the probiotics start dying as soon as they’re introduced to the drink.

The NutraPress solves this problem by allowing people to introduce ingredients to the drink immediately before drinking it. And to go one step further, new microencapsulation technology is being used to further prolong the life of the probiotics, enabling them to make their way further through the gut before dying.

How was this design developed?

What you see is the result of a rigorous series of prototypes and iterations. To come up with the optimum combination for the perfect burst, every time, we experimented with a multitude of different blister designs and shapes, spike alternatives, different blister materials and thicknesses, solid tablet ingredient carriers, different powdered ingredient carriers, liquid ingredient carriers, different grades of foil, as well a variety of different filling volumes.

Making it easy

Manufacturing prototypes and testing the NutraPress system was made quicker and cheaper with the help of our friends down at UltraPak. The blisters and spikes were thermoformed as a single piece, filled, sealed using lacquered aluminum, and punched; all using existing machines and technology. By not re-inventing the wheel we kept things simple, elegant and achievable.

What’s next?

The blisters will now be subjected to rigorous pressure testing and shelf life testing. In the meantime, we’re excited to announce that some industry partners have already pledged to be the first buyers of the technology. NutraPress Australia Pty Ltd are ready to market their product to drink manufacturers around the world, and we wish them every success!


If you are looking for designers to develop your next product or would like more information on developing a new product, please contact us here in Melbourne on +61 3 9413 9000 or email Mark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you’re interested in finding out more about the use of NutraPress cap and blister for your own beverages, please call Dr Bruce Kambouris on +61 447 244 513.


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NutraPress Concept -  Industrial Design Melbourne

NutraPress Concept Design
Delivery System - Product Design Melbourne

Early iteration of supplement delivery system

Refinement - Product Design Melbourne

Prototyping, testing and design refinement