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Freedom Product Family

Have you ever wondered how brands go about developing a family of products? How Apple has been able to successfully develop a range of different products while always maintaining its leadership across all of its categories? In this conversation we’re going to take a look into Product Family Design and how successful brands implement a few simple strategies to ensure continued market success.

Freedom Cycle Systems

Recently we have been working on a slim form bicycle bottle and tool box for Freedom Cycle Systems. From the start of the project, Bayly intentionally designed the products to work as a family.

Freedom was set up by founder Steve Serpell who set out to redefine the bicycle drink bottle. In conjunction with Bayly he developed a patented pin mounting system that allows for complete freedom in the design of the bottle or attachment due to the removal of the external cage. With this freedom of design Steve had a vision to create beautifully designed, aerodynamic bike bottles and accessories.

Brand Clarity

One of the key important factors in developing a successful product family is to establish a clear and overarching vision for the brand and product lines. Without clarity on what the products are intended to do and be, the intention can be lost and communication with the end customers can become blurred and confusing.

Steve had a vision that the Freedom family of products would look aerodynamic, simple to use, fluid and complement the dynamic visual style of the cycling industry.
The final designs are organically shaped with sharper lines to accentuate the form as well as direct windflow. A sleek dark grey colour palette, brighter accent colours, and product labelling completed the Freedom Brand Language.

Brand Language

A product’s design tells you something about the product. Design communicates through the medium of form and function at a level beyond logic and rational thought. It may tell you that the product is smart and sophisticated, or simple, friendly and easy to use merely through appearance. Each product communicates to us through this subliminal pathway, which when defined consistently across a range of products, is referred to as brand language.

When developing a brand, a company must first decide what it is that they want their customers to think of their products, what is it that makes them unique and how they would like people to relate to them. Once the desired communication message of the product and brand is defined, it is important that validation tools are used to ensure the design follows and aligns with these guidelines throughout the product’s development process.

Product Families are a great way to build brand equity and leverage to differentiate your design from existing products in the market. If you are looking to expand your product range or redesign existing lines to clarify the conversation between your company and your customers, please get in touch, we would love to work with you. 

Contact our Melbourne Product Design team today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on +61 3 9413 9000. We’d love to chat!

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Freedom Fast drink bottle

Freedom Fix tool box 


Inside the Freedom Fix tool box