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We Don't Stop Designing

Those who have been keeping track of our newsletters, our blog or our facebook and twitter feeds will be familiar with the variety and quality of Bayly’s design work. As a team of passionate designers and engineers, it should be no surprise that design also creeps into our leisure time.

Among our after-hours personal projects is a small blue motorcycle which captured the imagination of scores of motorcycle and design writers, as well as taking out the Australian Deus Bike Build Off 2015.

The Deus Electric

The bike which became known across the net as the ‘Deus Electric’ started life as a Honda C90, a variation on the Honda Cub, the most highly manufactured motorised vehicle of all time. Our Design Engineer Ryan Mischkulnig, along with his good friend Joe Fischer, took this simple steed and turned it into a true one of a kind.

Motor Conversion and Rear Redesign

Replacing the wheezing 90cc 4 stroke engine with a hub mounted electric motor was a big task from both functional and aesthetic perspectives. The frame had to be modified to look like the petrol motor had never been there. Space also had to be found within the frame for a battery and controller to be fitted without imposing on the overall design.

Cleaning up the back of the bike, the original rear guard was trimmed back to the rear spring mounts, which themselves were filled and flowed with the seat area of the frame. The rear springs were eliminated by doubling up the rear swingarm to create a narrowly triangulated rigid rear for the frame, and angled so that the new larger motorised rear wheel flowed with the rear frame curves.

Front Redesign

Up front the front wheel was rebuilt around a larger diameter rim to match the rear, the front forks pre-loaded and handlebars custom fabricated. The component that causes the most visual interest whenever the bike is shown is the copper tubing running over the handlebars and back to the seat. This was sketched, prototyped with thick wire and all thread, then bent in one go from plumbing pipe with a hand bender. As well as mounting the headlight, it is intended to add visual weight to the otherwise simple front end of the bike.

When trying to work out which design firm will be able to best achieve your product dreams, make sure you look for one who is truly passionate about what they do. At Bayly our passion for good design doesn’t stop when we work out of the office door at night.

When you are looking for a team that can share your passion for your project, contact our Melbourne Product Design team today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on +61 3 9413 9000. We’d love to chat!

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Rear detail

The 'Deus Electric' was a 2015 winner in the Australian Deus Bike Build Off


Front showing headlight and copper piping

Header image: Throttle Roll