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Waratah Flood Post

Waratah recently developed an exciting new solution for their fencing range which helps prevent damage to wire fences located in flood prone areas. The problem with innovative ideas is that sometimes they take a bit of explaining. Waratah enlisted the help of Bayly to create a short animation communicating the functions and benefits of their unique product.

Traditional Fencing

Traditional fences found in flood prone areas are often damaged or destroyed during a flood or wet weather event. These fences catch debris floating downstream which then builds up and traps more debris in turn. Broken fences cause loss of livestock and high repair costs.

Waratah Flood Post

The Flood Post was developed to overcome this issue. The posts float on rising water, holding the fence wires above the water until floodwaters recede, protecting the wires from water and debris damage. The posts can be installed in both wet and dry crossings and have adjustable weights that allow them to be set to rise at a specified water level.

Communicating the benefits

Waratah wanted to communicate how the Flood Posts work in a clear and simple way. The most efficient and effective way to do achieve this was to create a short animation. The animation was used as a marketing tool in trade shows here in Australia and in NZ and proved extremely useful.

It isn’t always clear to potential customers why they should embrace radical new products.
To make it easier for people to understand benefits and features, it can be helpful to use a tool to communicate how a product works. This can be in the form of a brochure, poster or as in the Flood Post’s case, an animation.

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 Waratah Flood Post animation


Flood Posts installed

Animation still


All images: Waratah