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Space Age Stilettos
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We had to find more when we heard about Thesis Couture's comfortable stilettos. Women's fashion footwear is a perfect of example of an established industry. It has defined standards, traditions and trend cycles.

The structural design of stilettos has remained the same since their invention in the 1950s. Traditional stilettos uncomfortable to wear even if you wear them everyday. They are uncomfortable to walk in, and uncomfortable to stand in. The traditional stiletto heel is solid metal. Striking the ground while walking sends the impact straight to your heels. Lack of arch support means that standing in stilettos puts all your weight on the balls of your feet.

Thesis Couture's founder, Dolly Singh loves wearing stilettos. But she was sick of having sore feet and legs every day. She identified a distinct customer need and decided to solve it.

Changes in women's footwear are usually driven by fashion. Singh decided to approach the comfort challenge from product design perspective. This meant recruiting a diverse team of engineers and human factors specialists. After rounds of design, analysis, prototyping, and testing, the Thesis LIFTTM was born.

The Thesis LIFT heel and sole structure uses plastic and high density rubber. The flexible rubber absorbs the impact of the shoe striking the ground while walking. The plastic frame provides arch support. The arch support distributes your weight across the entire surface area of your foot.

Thesis Couture launched their debut shoe, the Olympus One, in April 2017. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on the company's progress. Hopefully the other fashion houses will license the Thesis LIFT system as well!

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Traditional stiletto shoes
Image: Thesis Couture

Thesis LIFTTM patented internal architecture
Image: Thesis Couture


Olympus One, debut shoe launched April 2017
Image: Thesis Couture Instagram

Header: TPU and plastic construction
Image: Bloomberg Business via Trendy Techie