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Good Design Awards 2017 - Success for Airbolt
Product Design Melbourne

The Good Design Awards celebrations took place late last week as part of Sydney's Vivid Festival.

Michelle Rosevear attended the awards with the Airbolt team and had a delightful time.

It is great to celebrate the recognition of Airbolt - the World's first truly smart travel lock.  It's fantastic to get recognised alongside companies like Microsoft, Intel, Bose, Google and Blackmagic Design.

Thanks to Good Design Australia for the enhancing the recognition of good design.

I'd like to thank Airbolt for the dedication and persistence they have provided in getting a well designed product to market.  

Thanks to Lee Baker, Michelle Rosevear, Andrew Fox, Kelly Watts, Ryan Mischkulnig, Rachel Enright and Sue Bayly for their roles in realising such a well designed product.  Well done team.

Of course, there were plenty of other highlights of the night.  As is often the case, the overall winners are not what you might imagine.

The Aurecon and Cox Architects team responsible for the design of Brisbane's new Flood Resilient and Accessible Ferry Terminals are winners of the Overall Award for product design.  The video is the best way to understand what makes it so special. Do yourself a favour and have a look.

A New Zealand based card game for 5 to 8 year old boys, Game of Awesome is the overall winner in the Communications category.  It is recognised for its effectiveness in engaging and inspiring boys to learn how to tell stories and learn to write.

One of my personal favourites is the design award winning Eccentric mixer system designed by Nick Johnston at Roger Seller. I love the simplicity and understated nature of the product.

Check out all the layers of awards and selections at the Good Design website.

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Mark Bayly, 15 June 2017


Flood Resilient and Accessible Ferry Terminals for Brisbane









AirBolt founder, Kabir, his Dad, and
Michelle Rosevear, Senior Design Engineer

Good Design Award® winning AirBolt

Eccentric mixer system

Game of Awesome

  All images: Good Design Australia