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Washpod 1200

 The Washpod High Impact Parts Washer is designed for high-efficiency cleaning of industrial equipment such as the components from cars, trucks, boats, earthmoving equipment, forklifts, motor cycles, aircraft and specialist mining equipment. Through its ZERO DEGREE Water Jet Moving Manifold and other innovative design features, Washpod eliminates the use of solvents, uses less energy, less water and significantly reduces the environmental impact of parts washing, compared to competitor products.


The inspiration and design for the Washpod has been the result of many years of hard work for Fenton Goddard and Alan Ellis.  This machine is the result of a number of generations of parts washing machines that have been developed and sold in the local WA market for years.  Bayly have joined in the project at the latter stages to resolve various technical issues and to undertake a "design for manufacture" review and implementation program leading up to tooling and manufacture.


Bayly worked with Washpod to refine the design for mass production and to resolve some key performance issues.  The design of the Washpod 1200 was documented and controlled through the Arena PLM system, ensuring that the design, management and manufacturing teams based in Perth, Melbourne and China were equipped with the right information at all times.  Design changes and control was managed via an engineering change process in the Arena system.


As an alternative to the "solvent bath" type cleaning systems that you see at the local mechanics, the Washpod is an Eco-friendly industrial parts washing machine. The product includes an oil/water separation system that cleans the waste water and allows it to be disposed of through ordinary waste water infrastructure.  The maintenance procedures for the machine are software controlled and automated.  Operation is a simple "push button" process for the operator and requires minimal operator training.  The machine comes with a range of handy hand tools and water guns for cleaning difficult spots.


WASHPOD - High Impact Parts Washing
Washpod 1200 is Faster, Cleaner, Safer, Greener