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FLAT® is a hydraulic stabilising mechanism that will allow any item with legs, skids or footings to be locked so the legs do not move and the item remains stable irrespective of the unevenness of the supporting surface.


Bayly worked with the team at FLAT® and with a range of local Australian manufacturers and suppliers to produce the tooling and components that make up the system.  Materials selections and testing was a key technical challenge for the system and Bayly's approach allowed for changes in materials to be adapted into the system as required during in service testing.  The challenging aspects of the manufacturing process were the assembly of the system components (using ultrasonic welding processes) and the sealing between the different components in the system.


Bayly was engaged by FLAT® to industrialize the technology for the first FLAT® product, the FLAT® table application.  Using the design developed by FLAT® and e3K as the basis, Bayly undertook detail design, prototyping, tooling supply and commissioning, and the manufacture of pre-production batches for FLAT®.  Bayly also developed testing programs and test equipment for the system and its components.


The FLAT® system increases the functionality, performance and appeal of an array of products as well as reducing ‘level and stability’ warranty costs. Aside from the obvious benefits to the hospitality and furniture industries, FLAT® technology applies equally to domestic and catering appliances, construction, film & TV, defence, medical, in fact any application that requires a stable platform from which to operate.

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In May 2010, The FLAT® table levelling system was recognised for it's design and innovation merit with a 2010 Australian International Design Award.