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OneWell SUMO fishing lure

Sumo, the latest product offering from OneWell Fishing.


OneWell Fishing is a start up company looking to differentiate itself in the market through high quality, high performance products and they engaged Bayly to assist them with achieving this goal.  The objective of the new lure was to aim at specific fish species and this demanded a close working relationship between OneWell and Bayly to ensure the lure's optimum performance.


Bayly worked side by side the OneWell team from concept development through to the critial 3D modeling in order to maintain the consistant product aesthetics and performance outlined in the initial brief.  With performance being of primary importance, prototypes were used to test various profiles and weight distributions to determine the optimum lure layout and its ability to 'swim' as required.


The Sumo range is a first for the One Well Fishing company and exceeded expectations across all areas including product finish, quality and performance.

Check out the full range of lures at   www.onewellfishing.com.au