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Ju Ju

JuJu is a menstrual cup which is used instead of a tampon or pad, rinsed and re-used for up to 10 years. It’s comfortable, good for the environment and will save you thousands of dollars....  For more information about the benefits of JuJu go to www.juju.com.au


We worked with Brenda and Katryna of Freedom Products to produce a design for the juju cups.  Anthropometric data from our associates at Mark Dohrmann & Partners was used to confirm important sizing specifications for the products.  We tested and reviewed competitors products in combination with finite element analysis of our designs to fine tune the performance of the cup; to minimise leakage and optimise ease of insertion.  We worked with Romar Engineering in the development of materials and tooling for the production of the cups.


Bayly worked on the concept design and development, the detail design and 3D CAD modelling of the cups for production.  Tooling was produced from the Bayly specifications.


The cup is produced from injected moulded medical grade silicone rubber.  Persistent branding of the product is moulded into the cups.  Small pressure release features have been included in the design to facilitate insertion and removal.