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Lock Solar

The Rack in a box® product range has been designed to simplify the process of installing Photovoltaic Solar Panels (PV Modules).  The 3 and 4 panel kits come with everything needed to install PV modules on tile and steel roofs.  Rather than a kit of separate parts, the system comes pre-assembled to save time and money for the installer.


We worked with Lock Solar to  ensure that the Rack in a box® range would suit domestic installations around the country and comply with Australian standards for environmental loading and structural design.


Bayly worked on the concept design and development, the detail design and 3D CAD modelling of the system and its components for production.  Extrusion tooling was produced from the Bayly specifications without prototyping.  Bayly produced the structural design to Australian standards.  The installation manuals were also produced by Bayly.

Bayly produced an animation that Lock Solar could use on its website to highlight the simplicity and functionality of the Rack in a box® system.



The mounting system incorporates extruded and machined aluminium components and stainless steel fasteners.  The design of the Rack in a box® system is state of the art in terms of minimising the amount of raw materials used in it's manufacture.