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Freedom Bike Bottle

A brand new water bottle mounting technology for bike riders.


We worked with Steve to realise his idea and in doing so designed a bottle and holder system that can be manufactured using common and standard manufacturing techniques at a reasonable cost.

“Bayly worked with me and my partners to prove the concept, identify the parameters and characteristics of the Freedom Design and then provided concepts and prototypes to fire the imaginations of my potential licensees.  To show them what could be and let me get the deals done.” -   Steve Serpell, Freedom Design


Bayly worked on the concept design and development, the detail design and 3D CAD modelling and manufacture of prototypes of the different bottle designs using a common mounting pin so that licensees of the designs and technology could be arranged.


The Freedom Design solution is characterised by the use of a novel internal fastening technique of the water bottle to the holder.  Simple and brilliant.  The shape of the bottle is no longer mandated to be cylindrical.  Now bottle and bicycle manufacturers can customise the bottle design in different ways to improve the aesthetic and aerodynamic attributes of the bike.  Branding on the bottle is no longer destroyed as the bottle is used.  Bottles retain their finish and markings longer and improve the durability of the product.  The ease of use of the system has been dramatically improved.  The bottle only needs 25mm of parallel travel before it can be moved laterally and removed from the bike.  Less precision is required in replacing the bottle and this makes the task easier and quicker.  The design of the bottle and holder provides a means for securely locking the bottle in place and prevents rattling and vibration.

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