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Ronstan OrbitBlock

An award winning, lightweight ratchet block for high performance sailing requirements


Ronstan approached Bayly to assist them in the development of a new ratchet block for high performance sailing that was lighter, stronger and out performed all other offerings on the market.  The result was a block that would redefine sailing hardward in terms performance, weight and product longevity through the use of refined engineering solutions and class leading materials.


Working closely with the team at Ronstan, Bayly developed an initial range of concepts that explored a number of revolutionary design solutions in order to meet the outlined performance requirements.  The resultant output provided Ronstan with a new way of approaching block development and a means by which the target reduction in weight and increase in performance could be achieved.  Through further development and refinement and with the use of class leading materials Ronstan was able to produce a product that significantly reduced bearing stress increasing longevity and has highest working load and lowest product weight in it's class.


The Ronstan Orbit Block is now part of an award winning range including taking a Design Mark at the 2008 Australian International Design Awards, a catergory winner at the 2008 Pittman Innovation Awards, the 2008 DAME Design Awards and the 2008 Endeavour Awards and was the 2009 editors choice in Practical Sailor.