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Transdermal Applicator

Developing user-friendly devices for transdermal drug delivery - the realisation of the applicator for Female Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)


Our work here with Acrux required the development a portable, hand-held dispenser of a revolutionary transdermal drug delivery system.  The Female HRT treatment was the first application of the Acrux transdermal Across technology in their Metered Dose Transdermal Spray (MDTS).

Bayly provided a complete product development service to Acrux over the years of development and through Phase II trials in preparation for licencing the product and final Phase III trials.


This was a complete design program including conceptual development, detail design, 3D CAD, prototyping, trial production, manufacturing systems consulting and patent specification development.

Injection moulding tooling was commissioned to produce components for Female HRT and other drug trials.

Ergonomics research and studies into the suitability of pump systems for pre, peri and post menapausal women users was undertaken to ensure the efficacy of the treatment.

Bayly designed and manufactured a variety of different manual and power assisted assembly equipment for the preparation of trial products. 

Bayly then worked with Acrux's Licensee in the US for the Phase III trials and product manufacture.

The work on this project has been successfully commercialised and is now manufactured and distributed in the USA as the Evamist product.  Registrations in other markets are underway.


Successful creation of a user-device that can deliver highly accurate doses of inherently unstable and challenging patient drugs - including fluids for HRT, pain-relief and other medical interventions.