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Cordless Drill

Demain's revolutionary 18V Cordless Drill.


Working with Demain International, a power tool design specialist, Bayly embarked on a project to design and develop the new revolutionary 18V Cordless Drill.  


Bayly worked with the team at Demain International to develop concept designs, visualisations, block models and detailed engineering.  Bayly was instrumental in the initial development stages and patent-specification of the powered internal chuck - a device that negates the need for external chuck-keys or difficult hand-operated locking mechanisms. Using the power of the motor and a series of gear-selections, the chuck jaws are electronically operated to clasp / release drill bits up to 13mm.


This product won an Australian Design Mark for Consumer Products in the 2006 Australian Design Awards. It was also selected to be exhibited at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum as part of the ADA's support and celebration of Australian Design Excellence.