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Carpet Display Stand

Point-of-sale excellence for premium carpet


Teaming with Feltex Carpets and Idea Communications, this project saw the development of a unique and contemporary display stand for Feltex' new Woven range of premium carpets.


Bayly assisted Feltex and Idea Communications in the complete development of CPOD, including initial conceptual development, detail design and 3D CAD, the preparation of photorealistic promotional images, prototyping, tooling and pre-production management.


Displaying carpet samples in-store has traditionally been an awkward and space-consuming activity. Given the nature of carpet, its size and bulk, typical display devices did not provide the prospective purchaser with a strong display and demonstration medium.

Typical display units tended to be either a low-profile "water-fall" design, whereby individual carpet samples were layered on top of each other and therefore losing impact, or some retailers invested in expensive and permanent display cases that improved the display of the carpet, but provided no flexibility in store as product lines or interior decor changed

The Feltex Display Stand, "CPOD" was designed with all of the above issues in mind. It presents the carpet samples in a vertical roll, is easily removed and replaced from individual injection-moulded recess modules, and the Octanorm aluminium frame has been developed to maximise in-store flexibility, manuveurability and visual "lightness".

CPOD can be configured to suit the many shapes and sizes of carpet retail stores, the side branding panels are easily removed for cleaning and/or replacement, and the Octanorm overhead lighting provides the most important aspect of point-of-sale display systems - the ability to see the product at its best.

The product was shortlisted for the 2005 Australian Design Award.