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C-Bus Switchgear Range

Home automation switch interfaces



Our partnershiup with Clipsal Integrated Systems dates back to 1999 when Bayly was asked to provide detailed engineering development assistance in the creation of the Neo keyed C-Bus switch-gear.

Since then, we have been proudly supporting CIS in the development of a range of C-Bus related switches and products, including Neo A-Series (keyed), Neo E-Series (keyed), Saturn A-Series DLT, Saturn E-Series DLT, Neo E-Series DLT and their Colour Touchscreen.


Our major role in this partnership is in developing component and assembly designs around family aesthetic ranges and critical sizing requirements.

Wall-mounted switchgear is governed by many international design and sizing requirements and standards, to enable distribution to international markets. The C-Bus low-voltage switchgear is no exception, and Bayly has helped CIS achieve the family look they require for their products, in addition to squeezing as much hardware and componentry into as small a package as possible.

Our key activities with CIS include conceptual design and assembly configuration development, 3D CAD, 3D CAE, prototyping and tooling / pre-production management of off-shore and local supply partners.


Bayly's work has assisted CIS maintain their market-leading position in their industry - reinforcing CBus as an industry standard low-voltage home-automation technology.