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Arch Support

Award winning in-shoe support



Working with SSL Australia, Bayly has designed and developed a unique soft gel arch support to aid in the treatment of the symptoms of collapsed arches and to provide shock absorption to the heel area, longitudinal arch and metatarsal areas.


Collapsed arches are a common problem which affect the orientation of the foot relative to the leg.  The focus of the design for the new Schroll Arch Supports was on creating a product that can be worn with the more revealing footwear used in today’s world markets and to ensure that users suffering from the pain associated with collapsed arches have adequate support. 

The adjustability of the support, is achieved by the clever use of different hardness TPE materials which are colour coded for easy identification.  The user simply selects the insert that provides the best result. 


With its’ unique integrated and adjustable support system, and its clear and clean appearance, the new Scholl gel Arch Support product range has replaced the old brown "mums" range that has been sold by Scholl for many years.

The new product range is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes and can be purchased in Pharmacists and speciality stores throughout Australia, Asia and Europe.  The Scholl Arch Supports have won numerous awards including the 2004 Australian Design Award and the 2004  Design Institute of Australia award.