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Edon Air Fresheners

Contemporary packaging for room-fragrances



Bayly worked with International Consolidated Business to develop a range of gel air fresheners, for the Edon brand. The range includes the "Luna" and "Balance" - patented dual-fragrance air-fresheners


The air fresheners had to exude a unique, artistic or dynamic quality. For example, the "Luna" design is a dual-chamber air freshener that is activated by twisting the two half-round segments and can be adjusted to control fragrance intensity and physical appearance.

The "Balance" design is also a dual-chamber gel air freshener, with independently adjustable fragrance chambers and a distinctive and clean outer aesthetic.  Both products were constructed using injection moulded Polypropylene.


Consumers can independently control the amount of fragrance released from the dual-chambers, creating the perfect balance and combination of fragrance for the user.