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MDN Keyboards

Upgrading Victoria Police Keyboards for robustness, ease of use and reliability



Working with Motorola on the upgrade of the design of computer keyboards, installation and ADR compliance.  Motorola required changes to the keyboard and worked with the team at Bayly to improve its robustness, ease of use and reliability. 


800 Units requiring modification by NC machining, the addition of internal brackets and the overmoulding of the unit in a urethane with elastomeric properties selected specifically by Bayly for its low cost, UV resistance performance and shock absorbing characteristics.  The project required Bayly to design and manufacture special jigs, fixtures and tooling to meet production rates of 50 units per week in Bayly’s workshop and to develop a robust and repeatable process.


Motorola were able to get a complete turnkey solution to their problem where the total scope of the project was managed by Bayly.  Motorola were also able to build on the investment made in the existing equipment rather than approaching the solution by scrapping and replacing the existing units, this meant a large saving on costs.