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The process of Design is pivotal to the performance and viability of a product throughout its life cycle. In fact, it is estimated that design can impact up to 80 percent of product cost and performance.

At Bayly, the products we have created tell their story. For 40 years our creative processes, intuition and skills have produced new ideas for products that have attained iconic status worldwide.

Our team of designers, engineers and technical specialists strive to create innovative solutions, with a key focus on optimising user requirements, ergonomics, form and styling, product performance, functionality, and technological excellence.

We use a range of adaptable systems, tools and techniques that provide structure and logic to the potentially chaotic world of problem solving and product development. Bayly’s philosophies and approaches to Design are founded upon a passion and desire to help companies break out of current day thinking, and dare to reach out to future product trends and market needs.

With insight and inspiration, we are able to provide a wide range of creative and structured development tools that convert ideas and concepts into visual and tangible solutions that are imaginative, practical, manufacturable, and of course, marketable.

It should also be pointed out that product development programs are inherently risky. At Bayly, we employ systems engineering and risk management processes to ensure transparency, availability of information and knowledge transfer to our stakeholders through-out our development programs.