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Your company’s strategic goals and critical success factors form the basis of your NPD approach, and contribute to producing winning products in your market.

Bayly can assist you in developing the best NPD process for your business. We can assist with strategy, portfolio development, stage-gate methodologies, determining market needs, lean product development, or offer our own structured creative process, COIN™. All of these solutions are developed, tailored and implemented with your team.
NPD delivers you a structured approach to address your goals and strategies by helping you develop soultions that are based on market needs, customer needs, emerging technologies amd technical requirements.  The NPD framework is based on open minded thinking, generating and evaluating lateral ideas and guides you in the application of your innovative ideas.  NPD will deliver growth in you business. 
Innovation and creativity is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations due to resource limitations and the global push to ‘systemise’ business processes – which, ironically, was typically the foundation of their growth and success in the first place. Our COIN™ creative workshops can ignite dynamic thinking and new ideas within your organisation. Ask us how you can adopt COIN™ into your next NPD project.
Bayly offers comprehensive product development services with our team of professional designers and engineers. Working together with your team, we can help develop unbiased and structured processes that successfully align your product, service and process development objectives with your company’s strategic goals.

Call Bayly today to find out how our team and NPD tools can help you deliver new and innovative products that fuel your company’s growth.
  More about COIN™

Collaborate Originate Investigate Navigate

COIN™ is a series of creative thinking and evaluation tools developed to provide optimal product solutions

It is designed to stimulate lateral thinking outside of conventional methods to assist with broadening the scope for innovation.

The types of techniques we use in our COIN™ process include;

  • Divergance
    • Idea Explosion
    • Idea Exchange
    • Idea Link
  • Convergence
    • Green Light Voting
    • ALOU – Advantages/Limitations/Opportunities/Uniqueness
  • Ideation
  • Selection