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At Bayly, human factors and ergonomics is applied everyday in our design engineering activities.

Big people, small people, man, woman, child, aged people and disabled people all have different requirements.  When we add in the different cultural aspects and the complex cognitive responses that drive human behaviour, we end up with a broad scope of things to consider.  Bayly uses its access to up-to-date human factor data and technologies, its strength in observation and prototyping focus to provide exceptional outcomes for you and your customers.

Trade-off decisions are always required in the extent to which products and systems are adaptable to all potential users and when working with Bayly these are made from the sound basis of ergonomic data and principles that we employ.  This means that you know what affect these decisions have and how best to manage these issues in different sizings, arrangements and understanding the limitations that certains sections of your customer population will have in using your product.

Our network includes leading ergonomists and user research agencies that we work with to ensure that the best results are achieved.  Resources are available to you that include ergonomic databases, software applications, body scanning and 3D human scale models.

The tools and techniques we employ enable us to undertake the human factors analysis and design of both simple and complex systems and to guarantee the quality, relevance and value of the work we do for you.


Our experience includes a wide range of human factors activities including:

  • Developing user and system requirements specifications
  • Human Factors implementation in the design of products and systems
  • Workload analysis & modelling
  • Physical workstation and workspace design
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessment
  • Human Computer Interaction and Human Machine Interaction Assessment (and design)
  • Usability assessments