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321_waterGetting new products to market requires you to get everything just right.

We have been working with Gretha Oost, the Half a Teaspoon team and her suppliers to finalise the design, sort out the tooling issues and drive through to production the 321 Water Bottle since mid-July.  Half a Teaspoon will be shipping product in the coming weeks. 

Getting involved in the product development at the tail end of a project is never an easy task for those involved but Bayly’s experience has proven invaluable in this type of situation time and time again.

Dealing with different CAD data, toolmakers, materials and suppliers is all part of our job.  Testing and refining off tool samples is an iterative process that needs to be managed effectively to minimise time and cost impacts.  We can help you in these types of situations.

You can join the other consumers and order your 321 Water to play your part in helping the environment and realising the project.  Read about Half a Teaspoon's 321 Water product, their innovative marketing and funding approach here.

'321 Water and Bayly successfully worked together during the crucial final stage of the commercialisation process . Bayly’s critical approach to product realisation ensured 321 Water functions the way it was designed and envisaged. Their knowledge of the manufacturing process, its requirements and limitations proved invaluable throughout the final stages of the design process down to the all important detail. In addition it was also Bayly’s understanding of the 321 Water brand that ensured our corporate branding proposals were a success with potential new clients. I highly recommend the team at Bayly for  their professionalism as well as it is a pleasure to work with them.'

Gretha Oost

Director at Halfateaspoon

When faced with this situation you need a team of experienced specialists

  • who don’t insist on re-designing the product
  • who provide relevant advice and support effective and factual decision making
  • who can identify and focus on the real objective without being distracted by the history on the project
  • who can develop immediate, effective and open communication with your network of suppliers, toolmakers and other stakeholders

If you find yourself in this situation and need a hand, give us a call on 03 9413 9000 and speak to Mark Bayly or drop him a line This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.