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The best toilet flushing control ever?  We reckon so.

Bayly have recently assisted Mainsflush with the development of the Touchstone range of bathroom flush control pads launched in November 2009.

Mainsflush specialise in the manufacture of touch activated, micro processor fitted control pads which are used to control their innovative sanitary flush system.  The system is based on a proprietary valve which connects directly to the mains water or rain-water system rather than to a traditional cistern.  It can be used with any standard wall-hung or wall faced pan, and is also suitable for use with most urinals.  The valve is normally installed in the ceiling but can also be installed in the wall cavity.

The Mainsflush Touchstone pad can be mounted anywhere in the bathroom, and is completely remote from the valve and flush system.  Obvious benefits include the quiet operation and space-saving elimination of the cistern.  Mainsflush’s systems are ideally suited to high end residential, commercial and institutional environments.

Bayly’s ongoing involvement has been in the conceptual development, styling and design of the wall-mounted Touchstone pads, and in supporting the manufacture and quality control of the initial product manufacture.  

In the design of the Touchstone pad we set to achieve objectives


  • producing an enhanced user experience
  • incorporating stylish and hygienic styles and finishes
  • producing a design adaptable to a range of complimentary bathroom colours
  • a system that is easy to install, and
  • incorporating a concealed, tough, and vandal resistant mounting.


This project was our first involving the use of machined engineering stone such as Dupont’s Corian® and Freestyle® from Laminex. The stone pads are fitted with electronics and plastic injection moulded mounting brackets to hold Touchstone’s touch sensors, microcontroller and speaker.  A hook and secure mounting bracket is used to secure the Touchstone pad to the wall.





The Touchstone pads are available in a wide range of colours and with inlayed coloured resin, 9 carat gold or sterling silver to form the smooth dual-flush controls.  

All elements of the product are currently being manufactured in Melbourne, and are being distributed exclusively by Mainsflush’s sales partner Reece Plumbing

If you are interested in discussing how new and unusual materials can be used to differentiate your products then give us a call on 03 9413 9000 or drop Mark Bayly a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More information about Mainsflush’s unique solutions can be found on their website www.mainsflush.com.au