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Bayly's work in vehicle and transport system design handles high pressure.

Sometimes our work in the transport field has a heavy engineering focus.  The project we have just completed for Hydraulic Specialists Australia is an example of our engineering capabilities in structural and vehicle applications.

A custom designed 400 litre hydraulic tank is a primary component of the load handling system being supplied by Hydraulic Specialists Australia system and is fitted to the new C540 trucks built by Kenworth in Bayswater for off highway hauling operations in Queensland.  The fleet of 30 trucks is being commissioned for extreme heavy hauling.

The tank is mounted to the main chassis of the truck and fits closely between the cab platform and the rear truck wheels.  The mounting frame has been custom designed for the application after we determined that the standard tank mounts were inadequate for the task.  The tank is fitted with an internal baffle system and with 3 three inlet lines, vent system, sight glass, an inspection and cleaning access hatch and standard filter components.  A stone guard is fitted to the rear of the tank to prevent damage to the tank from debris being picked up by the rear truck wheels and tyres.

We also designed the mounting of the hydraulic motor to the power take off on the main differential.  The motor supplies the hydraulic power for the system. Bayly delivered complete manufacturing and material specifications to the tank builder in Brisbane.  The tanks are being fitted to the trucks at Hydraulic Specialists Australia’s facilities in Hallam Victoria.

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