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Local manufacture is still an entirely feasible option for many products.  The 3D Dinner Divider is a recent example.

dinner_divider_01dinner_divider_02Julie and Sharon, “The Calorie Queens” approached us late last year to help them create a dinner divider that could be used to help people control their portions, their energy intake, their weight, health and lifestyle.

This was Julie and Sharon’s first design project and we were careful to help them at every stage of the design and manufacturing process.  These ladies were keen enough to visit workshops and injection moulding factories so that they could gain an appreciation of what would be involved in realising their product.

The 3D Dinner Divider is manufactured locally in Victoria (thanks to the team at Toolcraft) at an outstanding quality.  This type of product is produced in an automated manner with minimum labour and is ideally suited to local manufacture ahead of overseas sources.

We find that manufacturing tooling locally involves a premium of between 5% and 50% dependent on the specific factors involved.  In terms of production costs, it is usually between 10% and 30%.  In some recent projects, there has been no premium to manufacturing tooling and products locally.

Local manufacture is advantageous


  • When small volumes will be required, especially initially
  • When Stakeholders have little experience in production processes and manufacturing industries – if you have a problem, hop in the car and go and talk to your supplier about it.
  • When products can be produced with a small labour cost (manufacturing processes are largely automated)
  • When projects have high amounts of technical risk and uncertainty
  • When local manufacture embodies your brand





How does a 3D Dinner Divider work?


Based on thinking challenging our traditional view of food and the long established food pyramid (you know the one), the 3D Dinner Divider is designed to provide a volumetric layout of the protein, carbohydrates and vegetable portions on a dinner plate. 

This exciting new way of thinking about how to manage food intake in your lifestyle is gaining popularity around the world.

Recently The Calorie Queens were interviewed on Channel 7’s The Morning Show.

Want to buy a 3D Dinner Divider or find out more?  Check it out at the Calorie Queens.