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Sometimes our work might seem a bit ridiculous, but then you think about how the world will benefit from more biters and less lickers.....

Publicis Mojo were seeking a design partner to work with them on the design of a promotional toy for Nestle's Maxibon ice confection.  Starting from a complex set of possibilities the chew toy best suited the aims of the campaign, the promotional budgets and provided the right level of emotional enagagement and fun.  

The product was made offshore based on the design we provided. 

Heavily over subscribed, the Manchews disappeared quickly due to new communication channels facilitated by internet sites such as ozbargain.com.au and the freebiesblog.com where consumers share with their tribe free offers they come across.  In combination with the advertising on TV, buses and other places, retail sales were reported to increase by 41%

So for those who believe everything they see on TV, the Manchew is guaranteed to provide significant benefits.  Just watch the following video.



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