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3 of the 15 finalists in the 2010 / 2011 Dupont Innovation Awards had used Bayly's expertise in design and commercialisation of their technologies.

We were caught unawares a couple of months ago working with a client down from Cairns on a cold Melbourne Saturday afternoon in Bayswater when they mentioned that they had obviously made the correct choice when deciding to work with us on the development of their product.

Not that it’s a surprise that people are generally glad that they choose to work with us, but we were curious as to the context of the comment.  As well as working on some fine tuning of the design, they were also in Melbourne as one of fifteen finalists in the prestigious Dupont Innovation Awards and had attended the ceremony the previous night.  They were pleased to find that our company was mentioned more than once on the night.  No more encouragement needed. I decided that I better find out how we were associated with the awards.

WOW.  Three of the fifteen finalists had worked with Bayly during the development and commercialisation of their products and technology.

BlueGen™ electricity generator, Ceramic fuel Cells

BlueGen™ is an Australian designed mini power station for homes and small commercial buildings. About the size of a dishwasher, BlueGen™ uses ceramic fuel cells to convert natural gas into electricity and heat for hot water. BlueGen™ has achieved the world’s highest electrical efficiency in small scale electricity generation, delivering very large carbon savings and lower energy costs.

Bayly assisted Ceramic Fuel Cells over a number of months in the definition and documentation of their proprietary ceramic fuel cell production systems as they established their greenfield manufacturing facility in Heinsberg, Germany in late 2009.  The BlueGen™ units are assembled in Australia and Germany and have been sold in Europe, Australia, USA and Japan.


FLAT® hydraulic leveling and stabilisation technology, Flat Ltd

Hydraulic levelling and stabilisation technology that smoothly and efficiently allows any application with legs to adjust to the surface it is placed on, locking the legs and keeping the application levelled and steady.  FLAT® is a universal technology that can be used in a variety of applications, saving time and money related to levelling issues.

Bayly assisted FLAT during the technology commercialisation phase of the project, designing the table levelling product for manufacturing, supplying and commissioning prototype tooling, testing and test system development with the FLAT team in Sydney in 2008 and 2009.


CoolMe™ Vest for combating heat stress, GRW Industries

The CoolMe™ vest is a personal cooling garment designed to address the impact of heat stress in the workplace. The CoolMe™ vest can be activated simply by adding water and without the need for any pre-freezing or soaking in iced water. It is a single use disposable product which minimizes hygiene issues and maintenance costs.

Bayly have worked with GRW Industries in 2010 and 2011 refining the design of the vest to suit feasible manufacturing processes, selecting materials, supplying and commissioning tooling, developing the supplier base and producing prototype and pilot production vests for market development and testing.


So while we can’t guarantee that working with Bayly will ensure that your new product will win awards and be recognised for its outstanding innovation, you can be sure that we are regularly trusted by our clients to get the best value and results possible in their product design and technology development projects.


According to DuPont, innovation has never been more important.

With the challenges of the global financial crisis still resonating in many sectors, new ideas, technologies and products and services are the key to growing a stronger, more competitive economy.
At DuPont, we know this well.

Since 1802, DuPont has put its science to work by creating sustainable solutions to a better, safer healthier life for people everywhere. Innovation is the source of those solutions. In the tradition of DuPont innovation, the DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards recognise the commercialisation of outstanding science and technology. 

In 2011, awards were considered in 5 different categories;

  • Building Innovation
  • Agriculture & Food Production and Marketing
  • Performance Materials
  • Design for a Sustainable Future
  • Medical and Healthcare