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iLID MK-1™ at 17mm thick is the World's thinnest iPhone Wallet and more.....

Darren and Simon were keen to latch on to the growing phone accessories market for the Apple iPhone.

Fed up with having to go out with full pockets, they wanted to provide a storage area for cards, a key and cash that could be attached to the phone.  A few months later, the iLID product is rushing to market with pre-orders being taken now.

We offered a simple approach to market for Darren and Simon.  They knew what they wanted to achieve and so we set design, development and prototype budgets to suit their needs.  Work was undertaken quickly and within weeks, Darren and Simon had 3 prototypes in their hands that they could use to gauge interest from distributors, retailers, friends and potential investors.

With bolstered confidence, they commenced manufacturing tooling with a local company.  The design was tweaked to suit the Australian manufacturing environment and animations and images were produced for iLID’s website.

A range of pre-order offers are available to consumers through Kickstarter, the World’s largest funding platform for creative projects.