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The No PressTM Device

The NoPress device is a new product in the Innovgas range. Innovgas was set up by an Australian anaesthetist and entrepreneur, Dr Andrew Wallis to invent, develop and commercialise anaesthetic related products.

The NoPress is the second product in the range designed to protect a patient’s eyes during procedures. NoPress is a foam and rigid plastic shield designed specifically to protect anaesthetised patient’s eyes from externally applied pressure.

It’s patented unitary design and midline flexion device means it resists a high pressure load while still conforming to the patient’s face.

Designed for Commercialization 

A driving requirement for the design and development of this type of product is the need to keep the cost of the product as low as possible and a variety of different manufacturing methods were investigated and final choices made based on minimising the cost.

In this case, the plastic shield is injection moulded PET and is assembled to die cut foam laminates and specially packaged to ensure that delamination of foam does not occur during long storage periods.

Designed for Purpose

The NoPress is designed specifically to distribute the load around and onto the orbital bones surrounding the eye and prevent any contact between the eye and the shield under the significant incidental loads that can occur during operating procedures.

Here is what Andrew had to say about working with Bayly on his new venture, "Their rapid understanding of my product led to quick prototyping and the NoPress final product was better than I had envisaged.  I couldn't recommend the Bayly team more fully and plan to use them on future projects."

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Airbolt designed for users - Product Design Melbourne

Ergonomic research and comparison was conducted to ensure the No Press would conform to a range of face shapes and sizes.

Airbolt designed for users - Product Design Melbourne

Here the No Press is being tested to ensure it would withstand adequate pressure applied directly to the lens and protect the eye.